Dr Kristine Steensen Sølje

Danish family doctor in Zurich – English, German & Danish spoken

Dansk læge i Zurich






Dr Kristine Steensen Soelje 


Kristine graduated in 2005 from University of Copenhagen, postgrad. studies at University of London. She has worked in orthopaedic surgery, internal medicine, general practice, psychiatry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.


All general practice covering services from acute illness to check ups, preconception counselling, contraceptive services, weight management, mental health, specialist referrals, insurance and company medicals.


Kristine is 38 years old, married with 3 children, and has lived in Switzerland since 2013. She has previously lived in Paris, France and being an expat herself she understands the challenges one faces when living abroad.








Dr Kristine Steensen Soelje

The practice

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The practice consists of five doctors, and

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Stadelhoferstrasse 42

is located centrally in Zurich – close to


8001 Zurich, CH


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Telephone number

We have two English speaking receptionists

Expat Exchange Switzerland

044 262 27 13

- Frau Engler and Frau Schneider.




Danes in Zurich (Danskere i Zurich)


Other doctors in the same clinic


044262 76 70


Danish Women in Zurich (Heksehyl)


Dr Martin Smith


Email for appointment

Dr Paul Gfeller


Dr Angela Caddick


Dr Alex Nieper / sports medicine


Opening hours



8.00 -12.00, 13.30- 17.00










Frequently Asked Questions




Do I need to register?

Unlike other countries there is no need to register with the practice. You can wait until you are unwell or you can come and see us before to discuss your health.




What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You will need your health insurance details. You will be asked to fill out a form to register when you arrive so if possible please be there 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment.




What insurance do I need?

We accept all types of insurance and charge the normal rates for general practice  (TARMED Suisse).





What if i haven't got medical insurance yet?

If you are in the process of arranging insurance, we will accept the insurance.

If you are travelling and have travel insurance we will charge you at the consultation and issue a receipt, which you can claim back from your insurance.

If you have no insurance we can estimate the costs before you are seen and will charge you at the consultation.

Always ask regarding insurance questions as we normally have the answer and can easily help you with what seems to be a very complicated system.





Can I name you as my house doctor (Hausarzt) on my insurance?






How can I have a repeat prescription?

After I have seen you for the first prescription I can issue repeat prescriptions. These can either be picked up in person, or sent to you or faxed to your choice of pharmacy.


What appointment times are available?

I work on Monday and Wednesday. On other days you can be seen by my partners Dr Angela Caddick, Dr Gffeller and Dr Smith who all speak English.





How long are appointments?

Normally 20 or 30 minutes, if you have a more complicated problem it may be better to schedule an hour. If you are coming for the first time it is better to allow yourself approximately an hour as you may sometimes need blood tests.





How does billing work in Switzerland?

We send the bill to your home address. You can then depending on your insurance, either pay it directly or send it to your insurance company. For Swiss insurances we can send the bill directly to the insurance company if you sign a form in the practice.